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Organic New Zealand White Sage growers

We grow White Sage for New Zealanders! The healing you'll receive from This white sage NZ Farm is far larger than any imported sage you can buy.

Access Medicinal
and Energetic Powers

We at White Sage NZ offer a premier source for high-quality white sage products in New Zealand. With a deep respect for Native American traditions and a commitment to sustainability, White Sage NZ brings you the finest selection of ethically harvested and responsibly sourced white sage products.


 At White Sage NZ, we understand the significance of white sage in cleansing rituals and spiritual practices. That’s why we meticulously select only the highest quality white sage leaves, hand-picked and dried with the utmost care to preserve their natural potency and aroma.


Our product range includes white sage sticks, white sage hydrosol spray, and white sage essential oil. Whether you’re looking to purify your space, clear negative energy, or enhance meditation and relaxation, our white sage products are the perfect choice.


We are proud to support sustainable practices by following the rites and rituals of Native American tribes who deeply understand the sacred nature of white sage. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that our products are harvested responsibly, focusing on preserving white sage’s natural habitat and promoting biodiversity.


When you choose White Sage NZ, you can trust that you are receiving genuine white sage products that have been ethically sourced and crafted with reverence. Experience the transformative powers of white sage and create a sacred environment with our products.



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Are You a Grower in New Zealand Passionate about Serving New Zealanders with New Zealand Grown White Sage?

there is a demand for this scared plant that we cannot fulfill on our own, we are keen to collaborate with other organic like minded souls

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We are a small family run business, we operate this passion project around caring for our three small children,


Phone: +64 21 182 8710

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